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Published On: Thu, Dec 24th, 2015

BEST SEX NEWS OF 2015: Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Carol Doda, the Fifty Shades Movie, plus size models…and more.

KimojiBeing this close to the end of the year, there’s a festive mood in the air all month, and with people filling their glasses with spiked nog as much as regret, there is always lots of looking back. As much to titter over what just passed, while hopefully not repeating mistakes in the New Year ahead, this SEX FILES-appearing as it does on Christmas Eve, and running until I manage a new one in the New Year-will stand as a sex news wrap up for some of the nuttiest, saddest, most controversial, possibly criminal, and sometimes just banal sexual stuff that occurred in 2015.

Feel free to add some of your own and shoot us over a comment or two of what makes your BEST SEX STORIES OF 2015.

It’s a Trans World

With the most popular trans person ever coming out this year, Caitlyn Jenner had the worlds stage (as well as a T.V. show and the ESPY’s) to have her cause heard. Like or lump Caitlyn, believing in transgendered people’s rights or not, gay, bi, trans, straight yourself, there is no denying that the ‘trans question’ is now being answered by plenty of people across the world who now feel they have a voice.

And when Barbara Walters names you the most fascinating person of the year, you know you have arrived!

Plus-Size Me Please

One could easily argue that within the past decade (and even more) the idea of the teen girl has suffered through a dizzying paradigm shift of what is and what is not thought to be the perfect weight. Even women well beyond their teens suffer through a shocking amount of eating disorders, sometimes leading to terrible results. This year though, body image seemed to be turned on its head with plus-size models (and the exact size and weight of what makes someone a “plus size” model is still up for debate) making a good showing in ads and photo spreads across the net and in print. In what has always been the bastion of svelte, busty babes in bikini bodaciousness, “Sport’s Illustrated” featured plus size model Ashley Graham in their 2015 Swimsuit edition, the David’s Bridal company launched ads in the UK using a plus size model and it’s just been announced that our friend Kelly Shibari (who we have interviewed here as well) is the first ever plus-size model to appear in “Penthouse” (on newsstands this week), see here.

(This year Kelly was also the first plus-size porn star to have a ‘likeness’ made of her “southern” lady parts by the Fleshlight company.)

Hands Off My Pudding Pop

This is the year that the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby reached a whopping 55 accusers to date coming out against the man. The litany of Cosby assault charges come from incidents that supposedly occurred over decades involving drugs, various sexual assaults and a massive cover-up. Just this week Cosby filed a defamation countersuit against seven of his accusers, with the lawyer representing these women firing back by subpoenaing Cosby’s wife Camille.

And in what might be the most infamous accusation of a porn star (and lots of anti-porn folk are having a field day with this) adult biz actor star James Deen has been accused of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend Stoya (who we have featured here) and a few other porn stars. So not just ex sitcom fathers of the year can get accused of some naughty doings.

See The Book, Read The Movie

Ah, that Fifty Shades of Grey. The movie-of-the-first-book-of-the-E.L. James trilogy made $528 million when released in theaters on 2/14/15. The verdict on the quality of the film starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the title roles was as split as was opinions about the books. Maybe the last word on how good Fifty Shades is, is the numbers?

It’s The Kardashian’s World, You Just Live In It

Fitting in a last little bit of high profiling business before the year is out, Internet breaker Kim Kardashian revealed the emojis from her new “Kimoji” app coming soon. Not that we don’t have enough of Kim already, with the app we get such stunning cartoon renderings (and really, let’s not get all highfalutin calling any of these things ‘emojis’ when they are just cartoons) of leather jackets, Kim’s crying face and lots of her body parts. Yes, at the beginning of the year we had the big news story of a bare butt Kim breaking the net in her “Paper Magazine” shoot, now this.

And let’s not forget the sad story-yet big news-of Lamar Odom (Kim’s sister Khloe’s estranged husband…yes the entire world is connected to the Kardashians) down for the count in a Nevada brothel. He’s still recovering.

Carol Doda

On a sad ending note, I want to mention the death of Carol Doda. Doda was one of the first strippers to dance topless in the U.S. (certainly the first who made national news doing so) at San Francisco’s Condo Club (still in existence) in 1964. She then gained even further notoriety by ‘enhancing’ her already ample attributes by silicone injection (also one of the first dancers to do so way back in the day.) Sporting what was called at the time “Doda’s twin 44’s” and “the new Twin Peaks of San Francisco” this entertainment pioneer and later champion of sexual freedom actually danced well into the 1980’s, ran a lingerie store in the hilly city and appeared on radio and in movies.

Happy Holidays everyone and may you have a healthy and sexual 2016.

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BEST SEX NEWS OF 2015: Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Carol Doda, the Fifty Shades Movie, plus size models…and more.