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Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2015

Midwest Soul Xchange: New American Century

midwest soulMidwest Soul Xchange
New American Century

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Hailing from the Midwest, the Midwest Soul Xchange (songwriters/singers/ instrumentalists/producers Ryan Summers and Nate Cherrier) creates a rich, 11-song collection on their new album, New American Century. Opener “Set a Course for Common Worlds” has breezy, mid-tempo guitar and big snare a la America with CSN harmonies and Nate Cherrier’s harmonica over the top. It’s a great, singable opener. I like the Pink Floydian instrumental opening (single guitar note picking and atmosphere piano plucking) of “Truth Attention” so much I feel the duo could have continued into a full instrumental, though the Alan Parsons-like vibe works. Again, Cherrier and Summers harmonize sweetly and Cherrier’s drumming abilities are subtle, but move things along expertly. Summers’ accordion and mandolin, with Cherrier’s congas inform the soft “Kings Among Kings.” “The Return” relies on a very stark overall production (really good stuff), unlike lots of others here with plinky organ, loose-sounding drums and impassioned vocals. It’s quick and effective, almost like a demo. “Has Anybody Seen Bob” is a loose Simon & Garfunkel homage, with big horns, a goofy lyric, those solid harmonies once again and a good, splashy beat. Wonderfully effected guitar and echo piano mix with “ohhs” in stellar ender “Four Score and Seven to Go.” It’s a very pretty, big, Americana tune of maybe helplessness and maybe hope. I like how the lyrics and vocal delivery as much play against one another here for good high drama, as well as bolster the full mood. This last track reminds me of The Band at their best. Is Midwest Soul Xchange’s New American Century what this country is presently all about? Check here to find out.

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Midwest Soul Xchange: New American Century