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Published On: Tue, Jan 19th, 2016

Janet Jackson: Unbreakable

jj unbreakableJanet Jackson
(Black Doll, Inc)

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2016 is here folks, and what’s easy to do is overlook the great music that came out of 2015.  Well, never fear, loves – that’s why I’m here! 2015 marked the ever-longed-for return of the one, the only, the legendary Janet Jackson.  Ladies and gentleman, this wasn’t some random, weak, or played-out list of songs that we would never, ever care for. No, not at all. This, was a serious return! One that any and every true fan will truly appreciate. The album is called Unbreakable, and the title says it all. However, more than this, the music proves just how unbreakable Janet (Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty) really is!

Unbreakable opens with the title track in classic Janet fashion – smooth and sexy in the rhythm and blues way that her fans know and love. It’s a perfect beginning. The second track, “BURNITUP!,” featuring Missy Elliott, is a match made in music/hip hop heaven – one that we haven’t had between these two in a long time, and one that the fans deserve. The beat will keep your body and pulse pumping. This is again, a perfect collaboration. It’s followed by the third track, “Dammn Baby.” Once again, a classic sexy number in a classic Janet fashion with the R&B touch.

You’ll also love songs like “The Great Forever,” “Shoulda Known Better,” “2 B Loved,” and “No Sleeep,” which is another great match-up, this time with J. Cole. The tracks on Unbreakable keep coming, one after the other, in such a way that it’s impossible to choose just one as a download-worthy song.  My best advice would be to download the entire album. You wouldn’t regret it, believe me. If you’re a part of the new generation, you’re going to have to keep your eyes and ears opened to the great Janet Jackson by listening to Unbreakable. Devoted fans like me will not only enjoy being taken back to the nostalgic feel that Unbreakable gives, but also will love that this style is still present in this day and age. Janet Jackson’s music has never gone out of style at all. Her music is indeed unbreakable, just like she is.

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Janet Jackson: Unbreakable