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Published On: Mon, Feb 22nd, 2016

Mystery Jets: Curve of the Earth

mystery jetsMystery Jets
Curve of the Earth
(Caroline International)

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British indie rockers Mystery Jets have been releasing weird, wonderful music for a decade now, with new material generally appearing every other year. However, it’s been four years since Radlands, the band’s last record. With a new bassist and a new studio, the band have created some magic with Curve of the Earth. The first spiky notes of guitar in album opener “Telomere” are reminiscent of the group’s early work, but Blaine Harrison’s vocals soon boom to rival Matt Bellamy’s. “Taken By the Tide” has similar confidence, progressing from a tender memory to a loud lament for a lost friend. The riffs that drive the sound are darker than the rest of the music, adding a sinister edge to the track. This isn’t to say that Curve of the Earth is all confrontational rock. “1985” begins with delicate piano as Harrison describes being at the end of his tether. When strings and guitar join in, the result is a beautiful depiction of hope to return to the past. Immediately after this, “Blood Red Balloon” features distorted vocals, apocalyptic lyrics, and an infectious beat. Curve of the Earth is an album both big and small, philosophical and personal. It shows tremendous growth from a band that first caught my ear by chanting the word “zootime” over a riotous tune. It will take a few listens to unravel all that this album has to offer, but each repetition is rewarding.

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Mystery Jets: Curve of the Earth