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Published On: Fri, Feb 26th, 2016

Field Music: Commontime

commontimeField Music
(Memphis Industries)

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“The noisy days are over/And here we are instead,” says the opening track to Commontime. It’s an amusing statement coming from brothers David and Peter Brewis, who are always reliable in delivering albums that are angular, synth pop/art rock. They always manage to explore new ground while still retaining a familiar sound, a little funky and a little nerdy. The Brewis brothers have settled into their respective family lives, which informs their lyrics beyond “The Noisy Days Are Over.” “The Morning Is Waiting” is a piano-led lullaby that sounds like a sunny Beatles tune, while “Stay Awake” articulates the desire to sacrifice sleep to watch a loved one at rest. Beyond that, “Trouble at the Lights” features big riffs and a more aggressive tone to address class conflict, while unusual percussion on “That’s Close Enough for Now” makes it an instantly memorable track. If a complaint can be lodged against Commontime, it’s that there is too much of a good thing here. The duo’s delivery is so mellow that I find it easy to space out even when I’m enjoying their music. At fourteen tracks long, Commontime stretches on a bit too long to hold my attention.

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Field Music: Commontime