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Published On: Tue, Mar 8th, 2016

Chris Brown: Royalty

chris brownChris Brown
(RCA Records Label)

It’s so rare that you can listen to a complete album and be totally satisfied. I’m in a surreal experience as I type this, because it’s been so long since I’ve been in a position to express that. Chris Brown is undoubtedly an amazing talent. Being a songwriter can make me impartial musically at times, but I’m aware that the average music fan wants the overall package. As for me, I’m paying close attention to the quality of the record, from sound, concepts and lyrics. The first radio single, “Back to Sleep,” is so classic R&B and showcases the effect a mid-tempo record can have when produced properly. His attention to melody makes Chris so special. In a world where a gimmick can be the sale, his attention to the music makes him a true artist. He also caters to the club on “Wrist” and “No Filter.” He has a knack for tapping into vibes and setting a tone. I’m a fan of his classic R&B, so “Make Love” is always going to be on replay. His attitude to music and it’s origin makes me have a profound respect for musicality. “Who’s Gonna” fits perfectly in that same playlist. He can appeal to the young and grown-n-sexy and reminds me sightly of Johnny Gill, but samples Keith Sweat. It’s so clever and pays homage to the best in R&B of all time. I love the fact that he’s so multifaceted and pop is just as amazing coming from this vulnerable spot in his voice. “Anyway” is a smash hit and “KAE” says so much it may take two listens. I could go on and on, but we’re called Short and Sweet, so I’ll just say this body of work is worth every penny!

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Chris Brown: Royalty