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Published On: Fri, Apr 15th, 2016

Wild Nothing: Life of Pause

wild nothingWild Nothing
Life of Pause
(Captured Tracks)

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I have been a fan of the artist Wild Nothing for quite some time now. The first time I heard the song “Chinatown,” my heart sank. I was enamored, and that love has lasted through several albums. The band’s latest, Life of Pause, is nothing short of brilliance. It’s filled with heart and dreamy indie-licious beats that are so true to who this project is and have always been. This act was formed by Jack Tatum and he has been running with this beautiful project since 2009. Life of Pause is the third, full-length album from Wild Nothing. If you know of the band and have loved other songs from Gemini or Nocturne, then you will adore this one. The song “Alien” is pure perfection. It’s true to the style of the last albums yet has matured in a lovely manner. The entire track list is dreamy and ambient, yet filled with beautiful lyrics that are addressed to your heart. Just throw your headphones on and get lost in all of it. When you’re done, start at the beginning and fall in love with Gemini and Nocturne. The songs “Chinatown” and “Nocturne” are kind of everything. You will love them!

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Wild Nothing: Life of Pause