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Published On: Wed, Apr 20th, 2016

Erykah Badu: But You Caint Use My Phone

erykahErykah Badu
But You Caint Use My Phone

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Erykah is one of the most flexible and free-spirited artists ever. A lot of artists are diverse, but free-spirited? No. Having not released music for several years, she drops a mixtape out the blue based off inspiration by Canadian super star Drake. It must make him grin from ear to ear, as Ms. Badu is a pioneer and introduced to the world a new sound that they embraced, effortlessly. Not only is it true to her sound, it’s still amazingly relevant to the times. It’s a perfect marriage of the then-and-now. If I’m coming off as a fan, it’s because I am.  It’s not that I love every single song or know every word, it’s her ability to be herself yet still maintain youthfulness. “Phone Down” is a prime example. It’s neo-trap and to me, it’s genius! She also has a suave way of sliding hidden gems lyrically as well. The concept of this mixtape was to teach us how phones get in the way of true human interaction. “Hello” is my favorite and features (her baby daddy) Andre 3000. It’s musical matrimony with these two. Andre is a verbal mastermind and sonically, these two human beings are in a great place. “Mr. Telephone Man” is hot, naturally due to the New Edition nostalgia. Keeping in mind this is a mixtape and probably crafted in a week’s time, it’s still as entertaining as albums that takes a year’s time. When you got the juice, you just do.

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Erykah Badu: But You Caint Use My Phone