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Published On: Thu, Apr 21st, 2016

THE SEX FILES: Talks with Cam Girl Allie Eve Knox

Allie Eve KnoxHoney haired stunner/cam girl/exclusive scene stealer/man eater Allie Eve Knox is a woman you need to get to know, over and over again. Through the massive online playground Who’s Online (you read about them here), as well as on her own site, Allie serves up her specific brew. I had the pleasure of getting to know the lady, and pass on the goodies to you below. Enjoy.

On your Twitter feed you talk about filming some “weird custom requests.” What do you consider weird?

Well, what I mean by weird are things that typical cam customers find to be unusual and different, like sneezing fetishes, mouth fetishes, shrinking fetishes, magic fetishes. Of course, I love the typical foot fetish or humiliation vid, but I love to do things that you can’t find on other websites. I like to make things personal with names or specific terms. I don’t resell my customs so they are one of a kind experiences, catered specifically to that customer.

What are some of your most favorite scenes to film?

I love filming scenes for my website or clip site. I have complete control over the script, filming, and angles. I work with my biz partner once a month and we try to bang out a bunch of clips (pun intended). I LOVE LOVE LOVE filming unusual fetish things. We just shot a vampire sex scene and it should be out by the end of the week. It is going to be glorious and suuuuuuuuuuper hot.

What’s the longest cam session you’ve ever had?

I was taken private by a fan once for 2.5 hours. He just wanted to chit chat and we talked about everything. I love just getting to know people on an intimate level.

The net has as much been called the death knell of the porn business as its biggest boon, what are your overall feelings about how the Internet has intersected with porn.

Even though I know that tube sites drive traffic (sometimes) to paid sites, it is a real bummer to see your hard work pirated on a site. I constantly fill out take down notices to have my content removed; I wish companies were more vigilant about taking down work and I wish there were penalties for sites that allow pirating. This is why production companies can’t stay in business or why performers turn to other professions- because if you don’t pay for your porn, we can’t afford to continue to make it.

Do you think there will always be companies making dirty movies, or are we simply coming closer and closer to just custom-made scenes, or VOD put up on individual performers’ wesbites?

I think there will be a mix. I will occasionally shoot for big name companies to drive traffic to my cam site or website, but I will always spend the majority of my time making my own content. I make more money from these scenes, I can control what goes into them, it is easier for me to protect my work from pirating, and I can cater content to my fans. I love love love filming for my site and that is where the majority of my time will be spent in the future.

You’ve pretty much stayed a southern/middle of the country gal, moving from Atlanta to now living in TX, what are some misconceptions we northerners have about the Bible Belt section of the country?

Well, I certainly have not found the acceptance of being a sex worker here in Texas like I have found in LA or Vegas, that is for sure. People are quicker to judge, certainly. But, I am able to have this sexy character online, reaching people from all over the world through my cam site or website. When I turn the computer off, I am just this normal pink haired girl that wears sweat pants and avoids eye contact in the grocery store. Nobody knows who I am or what I do and that makes it much easier to live in such a conservative area.

What’s coming up for you in the immediate future and where can fans find you (beyond Who’s Online.)

Right now, I am working on editing a ton of clips that I just filmed. I am trying to amp up my clip site and my website. You can find my clips on, which will lead you to my clip sites on iwantclips, manyvids, clips4sale, or customs4u. You can find me camming 3 or 4 days a week and on If you follow me on twitter (@allieeveknox) I post when I’m online or when I post new clips.

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THE SEX FILES: Talks with Cam Girl Allie Eve Knox