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Published On: Thu, May 5th, 2016

Ken Fury: The Cry of Nature’s Birth

ken furyKen Fury
The Cry of Nature’s Birth
(Inerus Music)

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Ken Fury’s new, third album, The Cry of Nature’s Birth, explores more of the thick tapestry of this writer/singer/programmer/composer/producer’s world. “Inside You” opens with a ticking beat, slow, picked notes, low, growling vocals, and warbling keys. Decidedly even more sexual in musical mores, “Creature Filth” features a tribal chuck with over-driven waves of keys and guitar. Not that it deviates any place beyond the metallic tomming, but I do like the chanting nature of this soundscape, with its single-note guitar and Fury’s occasional vocal flips that remind me of Adam Ant at times. “Depth of Me” roils across metallic hits and Fury invites you in really close, while “Keep Me Low” has cool cymbal work and more of that scary turn in a fast pace with a slightly cosmic lyric. The sly snake of music and chants behind “One Million Sunflowers” is a relentless lament and showcases Fury at his Bowie best. The heavy, metallic plod of “Bright Star” underlies a heavy, distorted vocal, while the sailing-in key trills counter perfectly; it’s a well-considered tune with another heavy lyric (Fury really is saying something on these songs). Then we get some more interesting cymbal work informing the last tune, “Simple Soul,” and it’s swirly, dreamlike state. Fury is a master of this particular melange. He has good control of his low voice, injects just enough tease and compassion to make all this stuff dangerous and at times very sexy.

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Ken Fury: The Cry of Nature’s Birth