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Published On: Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

The Magic Lightnin’ Boys: Stealin’ Thunder

mag lThe Magic Lightnin’ Boys
Stealin’ Thunder
(Bottled Lightnin’ Records)

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Casey Gomez, singing lead, playing harp and picolo bass, Brian Tarter on guitar and singing backing vocals, Richie Lee on bass, and Kurt Lipphardt on drums make up the smokin’ country, rockin’ quartet, The Magic Lightin’ Boys. Hailing from Cincinnati, the band’s new 13-song album, Stealin’ Thunder, is a tight little gem of equally tight country-electric tunes. Opening with “Nan’s Poem,” not much more than a warbling lady’s voice reciting a few quick lines of verse with Gomez’s lone harp behind, we are into a Tarter slide-led “Bones,” which sets the tone for the electric-country storm we are going to get thoughout. I love Gomez’s distorted vocals here, and of course his harp wailing as well. “April Rain” is a slightly easier, rockin’-good jam, reminding me of The Marshall Tucker Band (sans flute) and though it takes a bit to get to the jam at the end, I love what Lee, Lipphardt (especially) and Tarter do when they get to it. “The Cleansing,” a nice, slow instrumental features some very sweet pull-off, harmonica, dobro-like slide layered stuff from Tarter, with subtle rolls from Lee behind him. While “Rubber Side Down” showcases the guitarist mining a specific progression, Lipphardt slips into a weird, stuttering beat and Gomez lets loose with his vocal growl and harmonica. The flicky, hard, rockin “N2u” ends, the band in high strut, Gomez growling big, Tarter wailing around Lee laying down fat numbers (and getting a quick solo actually) as well as Lipphardt having some prime moments. It’s a great big band showcase where each member shines.


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The Magic Lightnin’ Boys: Stealin’ Thunder