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Published On: Thu, Jun 16th, 2016

THE SEX FILES: An Interview with Cartoonist Dave Ell

Sammy Simpkins carttonThere’s certainly more ways than one to get your naughty visual fun. This week I talk to a man who can give you the very naughty…in cartoon form.

Dave Ell has been a professional cartoonist for forty years. He has been commissioned by the likes of John Lennon, worked for tabloids like the “Daily Mirror,” “The Sun” in the UK (he is originally from Liverpool, England) and companies like Kawasaki. He currently resides in Phuket, Thailand where he is the main cartoonist for a Thai Newspaper. Mr. Ell is also globally renown for his spanking cartoons. His eBook collections of his Sammy Simpkins character and his Bordello of Doom and Naughty Schoolboys visual stories have made him quite sought after from spanking aficionados…or just people looking for their salacious jollies in cartoon form. From caricature to commission, to comedic newspaper single panels, to schoolgirl (or schoolboy) spanking fantasies, Dave Ell is your man.

Let’s start with the most logical first question…how did a nice guy like you end up drawing naughty cartoons (though I know that’s not all you draw)? Was it a case of always drawing spanking stuff right alongside all the other cartoons you drew for Renault and Kawasaki, or did one kind of subject you draw somehow lead to another?

I suppose for fun I did a couple of toons featuring a made-up character, Sammy Simpkins, and posted them out for free. At the time I was doing cartoons for the British Newspaper in Phuket, of which a lot feature cartoons of sexy girls, as you can well imagine.

I know you have been commissioned by John Lennon, among others. But in being commissioned, have you ever been asked to draw something you have refused…or something you knew you simply couldn’t create?

I sort of got inundated with commission requests from spanking sites across the world and as Sammy was proving popular, I did a special best-of cartoon book with Amazon. Although drawing ladies is my bag, I found that there was a large community out there that love male-only cartoon stories, so I was happy to oblige there also, hence the many volumes of Naughty Schoolboy issues. And no, I have never refused to create anything for anyone.

Do you have a favorite among your work in general, one piece that sticks out as being the best representation of who you are?

I am quite fond of the present Sammy and the BORDELLO of DOOM series, but to pick a personal favorite is very hard for me to be honest.

How about a favorite among the various spanking series, the Bordello of Doom, the Naughty Schoolboys, and Sammy Simpkins?

Without a doubt my favorite is anything to do with Sammy. But I did over a hundred cartoon strips for Author Richard Humphries at Woodys Back to School unit, and enjoyed working with him immensely. Also the work commissioned by Elsa Svenson for, and not forgetting the famous JANUS Magazine also in London.

Certainly Japanese anime explores sexuality with cartoons and animation, but in the U.S. we rarely see the two mixing (beyond Heavy Metal or Fritz The Cat or maybe in the works of Michael Manning). Do you find Western culture more open to your work now? Have you seen a change in acceptance over the years, or have those men and women interested in spanking always sought you out, now allowing you to do even better because of the net?

I think spanking is a British thing for the most part, especially with anyone born in the 1960’s and lower where caning or spanking would be a regular occurrence. The kiddie comics of the day would feature almost in every edition a spanking scene, but of course this has vanished in today’s society.

And the Internet, do you see it as the classic double-edge sword, where you can manage a greater reach across the world online, but at the same time have to worry about piracy?

Yes, you are right. The internet is a double edged sword and piracy is a pain. The commissioned work I do though largely is private and stays in the private domain of my clients.

Have you ever been in the middle of rendering one of your spanking stories and thought ‘Uh oh, that’s a little too intense’ or you felt yourself going too far? Or, you have looked back and thought you didn’t take a scenario as far as you should have.

I do stretch boundaries sometimes, either just for the hell of it, or because I can. Even in work done for newspapers I have had many a rebuff.

Have you come up against censorship with your work?

I remember one such story when a Thai newspaper asked for a cartoon of a boyfriend of a Thai girl making his escape after stealing her phone and climbing down the building from her window clutching her coax cable from her TV. It snapped and he fell to his death. On the other hand they rejected a cartoon for their editorial page featuring a round-a-bout with a host of accidents going on, just because the said round-a-bout had a monument of theirs in the center.  I was told to redraw it with a bloody fountain instead.

Tell us where people can find your stuff.

I have fifteen eBooks on sale at Each volume contains around 60 or more illustrations and retails at $3.97 or $17.97 grabs the lot with well over 1000 cartoons and stories.

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THE SEX FILES: An Interview with Cartoonist Dave Ell