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Published On: Fri, Jul 1st, 2016

PORT OF Est.: Onyx Moon

port of estPORT OF Est.
Onyx Moon
(Delphinium Music)

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The multi-instrumental talents of vocalist Hannah Tarkinson and producer Todd Kitchens have concocted this new, nine-song album, Onyx Moon. It’s a heavy percussion/synth, atmospheric treat under some very passionate vocals and songwriting. “Lupine” opens with a roiling tribal stomp, a la Kate Bush’s best chanting. The emoting vocals and percussion is something one hears a lot throughout this album and are done very well indeed. “Onyx Crazy Eyes,” again with some great tribal drumming, is a commercial mix of vocals and synth backing while the low snap synth and snare roll of “Collide” creates a good bed under Tarkinson’s torch-song vocals. This one sounds like it was plucked straight out of the mid-80’s; it’s drum pattern, plodding keys and metallic beats really remind me of that era. The song moves well enough, though I’m not sure it ever takes off. I like the mix of vocals on “Sister Wolves.” Additional vocals here are by Sara Hallie Richardson and the drums this time are back in the mix more than any other tune, under a loud, swirling harpsichord sound. “Kamikaze” has the most interesting drumming concoction/beats presented here at the end of the album. In fact, the drums on this one are very good indeed; I really like them. I’d be remiss not to mention Chandler Rentz playing these very effective drums and Tim Watts providing bass synth and guitar on “Lupine,” bass guitar and vibes on “Collide,” and guitar on “Clash.” PORT OF Est. manages a solid, singular sound on Onyx Moon.


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PORT OF Est.: Onyx Moon