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Published On: Fri, Jul 8th, 2016

Deep Purple: Stormbringer

deep purpleDeep Purple
Stormbringer (Re-Release)
(Rhino/Warner Bros.)

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Deep Purple’s ninth studio album Stormbringer, released originally in 1974, gets the remastering treatment here for this 2016 re-release. This is a high watermark recording of what is commonly referred to as Deep Purple, Mark III, with David Coverdale taking over lead vocals for Ian Gillan and Glenn Hughes taking bass (and also singing quite a bit himself here) for Roger Glover. The title track opens, a big chunky tune with a funky middle section featuring Ritchie Blackmore up front. This is followed by “Love Don’t Mean a Thing,” a sexy strut showcasing those strong, rockin’ Coverdale vocals and the funk of Hughes’ bass playing and taking lead vocals on the bridge. There’s a really dirty Jon Lord organ lead here as well, mixed with the subtle, clean lead sound of Blackmore; it’s an early stand-out track. The slower “Holy Man” (a lot of trickling Blackmore here) sees Hughes’ lilting, high voice (probably higher than Coverdale’s, actually) on a truly commercial read. “You Can’t Do It Right” is Purple funky, Ian Paice keeping things pushing forward with his tight high hat and Hughes and Coverdale switching leads on this sexy love song for the one you love. It’s great to hear Blackmore finding a loose groove, less rockin’ and wailing. This is another stand-out that has a kind-of-corny, Jon Lord synth lead. “The Gypsy” has Lord, Blackmore, Paice, and Hughes locked in that familiar Purple soundscape. It’s a great song for the doubled vocals, as well as little touches Lord manages on organ, piano, and Blackmore’s slide. Blackmore’s acoustic informs the ending ballad, “Soldier Of Fortune,” one of the more recognizable tunes from this album. The simple fact of the matter is, you can’t miss with Deep Purple Mark 1, 2, 3 or whatever. And you won’t miss with this classic album!

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Deep Purple: Stormbringer