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Published On: Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

3bubble & J. Gray: Live from the Pentagon

3bubble3bubble & J. Gray
Live from the Pentagon
(CHEK Records)

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3bubble & J. Gray presents Live from the Pentagon, a full roll-out of some wonderful raps and singable, commercial-chorus songs. “The Life” opens here with a roiling bass and walking horn sounds way back in the mix, the fast verse rapping of two vocalists, and what would be quite often managed here, singable, big, snapping choruses. “This One” has some striking guitar lines and metallic hits under a funky bass and quick rapping of heavy ideas. “Studio” is a sweet piano, kinetically-sung ballad with a shunky, programmed drum and low, atmospheric sound. I actually like this one a lot; it might be the most creative of all lyrics here and the singing beats the rapping (there are good harmonies laid out as well). “No Lie” has a mid-70’s feel to its groove, great backing female vocals, horns and wonderfully-played bass again with some sly drumming and another singable chorus. “Easy” has more of that wavery, electric piano thing happening, some real sweet tickling of the ivories, actually. The rap over it is solid, the chorus singing makes this song fly and the production makes use of lots of different voices. “What If I Told You,” featuring Lil KeKe, has rap running back on itself on a loop and again a very fast vocals and those key horn strikes adding to the breakneck speed of the rap; it’s a solid ender.

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3bubble & J. Gray: Live from the Pentagon