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Published On: Wed, Aug 17th, 2016

Sonny Vincent and Rocket From the Crypt: Vintage Piss

sonny vSonny Vincent and Rocket From the Crypt
Vintage Piss

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Punk legend Sonny Vincent has been around the block more than a few times at this point. Whether he was helping sculpt heavy metal in Liquid Diamonds or finding his own voice in The Testors, Vincent has continued throughout the years to release an ever-expanding, ecliptic catalog. Though he has not reached the success of some of his contemporaries, he is constantly touring for the fan base still devoted to true punk. Vintage Piss is sure to keep hungry fans satisfied and with an ever-increasing respect for Vincent and his band. The LP starts off with a full-throttle kick in the ol’ arse with a song entitled “Unlock.” From this point on, you are either on-board for the ride or looking for a place to get off. If you should opt for the former, your commute will be one filled with just about the best and most satisfying music this side of the millennia. Choice cuts include, but are not limited to, “Through My Head,” “Her Hand,” and the short, but oh-so-sweet “Pieces”

However, recently his life took a turn for the worse when a gas main exploded in his son Robert’s home, which left Robert, his wife, and child with severe burns and hefty medical bills to pay. You can learn more about it here. It is possible to donate to help make this news slightly less tragic.

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Sonny Vincent and Rocket From the Crypt: Vintage Piss