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Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

THE SEX FILES: And The Winners Are…

Fetish ConOk, it ain’t the upcoming VMA’s or the Emmys. And yes, the red carpet was decidedly smaller (if they had one at all) and the stars’ entrances not televised. And the nominees and winners here were not household names like a George Clooney or a Lady Gaga (though Gaga would have fit in well among this crowd) but the first annual Fetish Con Awards held during the recent Fetish Con in FL, need to be celebrated, I feel.

I know I told you about Fetish Con last week so you might get your pretty little posterior there if you were in the area. Now I want to let you know about the awards…who won, who was nominated, and even who hosted.

Jewell Marceau (who I happen to know actually…and one of the nicest model/performer/lady’s you’ll never meet) hosted the evening with Anastasia Pierce. Fetish Con is a yearly meeting of the fetish faithful, but as I mentioned in my previous column, this was the first year they were attempting to host an award show, not an easy task to be sure. But Jewell and Anastasia managed with aplomb to move the evening along perfectly.

Alt. model and fetish performer RubberDoll won “Best Fetish Live Stage Performer.” I know RubberDoll a little, as I do Jewell, and she is tops (with a great top actually) in what she does…and a lady who just loves her fans.

As to be expected, Clips4Sale won an award for “Industry Innovator.” No surprise really, as if you haven’t noticed from all your porn watching this past decade (What’s that you say, you haven’t watched any porn in the last decade? Come on, who are you kidding!?) how perfect Clips4 delivers with what they do.

“The Best Fetish Novelty/Adult Toy Company” award was given to The Stockroom…and again no surprise, seeing how great The Stockroom is (name dropping again, I have stepped through their doors and the mountain of kinky toys and clothes they have for both men and women is staggering).

Play-spaces, rave parties, late-night get-togethers, performances, and classes happened across the multiple days of a Fetish Con, but certainly this year the awards were something everyone was talking about…before and after.

For the full list of winners and even nominees of the Fetish Con Awards, check here: Fetish Con Awards

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THE SEX FILES: And The Winners Are…