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Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

Ziggy Marley: Ziggy Marley

ziggyZiggy Marley
Ziggy Marley
(Tuff Gong Worldwide)

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Returning with his sixth studio record, the eponymous Ziggy Marley follows 2014’s Grammy-winning Fly Rasta. With a career spanning thirty-plus years, Marley continues to bring life and possibilities to pop-reggae tunes full of socially conscious vibes. Revealing opinions on love, politics, spirituality, and religion, the Miami-based singer-songwriter has never been one to hold his tongue. On “Marijauanaman” the 47-year-old sings, “If religious preachers smoking herbs/There would be love around the world/Instead of fear and hate,” while on “We Are the People” he shares our ability to affect change: “We’re not crayons in a box/We’re not donkeys and elephants.” Ziggy Marley is a record for the people. It’s an empowering LP full of unfiltered thoughts regarding love, tolerance, and acceptance. True fans will enjoy it. Favorite spins include “Amen” and “Weekend’s Long.”

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Ziggy Marley: Ziggy Marley