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Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

Sluka: Introversions

(Steel Flower Music)

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Breathy keys and a plodding background noise gives way to piano and the plaintive wail of Sluka on “Valentine Lies,” the opener on his new album Introversions. From the outset we can tell the man has a good emotional delivery and can layer a production; this song itself builds beautifully to quite the layered cry. “Sunday’s Child” has a big beat, though I felt it was trying too hard to be commercial with its 80’s-pop sensibility in the chorus. “Severed” has a tight guitar flick, almost a Secret Agent Man vibe to it, and Sluka using his low range and harmonies perfectly. The piano intro sweeping, as well as plucked strings of “Fear Of Ordinary Life” might be my favorite, lying underneath a great vocal from Sluka. It’s a short tune to be sure, but Sluka knows enough not to overstay his welcome. The shaking and plopping “Sadder Than Sad” is very good. It seems the latter songs of these 13 hit me better than beginning ones. The whispering, sexy vocals work well here, especially when things open up with strummed guitar into the chorus and the harder edges of higher, pleading singing. “Hung” has a great danceable back beat, again Sluka swirling around his high range. “Gothic Cavalier” ends with its big bell intro and tight beat, flicky electric, and spooky melange throughout. There’s good guitar work here especially and Sluka’s emotive vocals hang it all together. There’s a lot to chew on on Sluka’s Introversions, and it makes a good, thick meal.

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Sluka: Introversions