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Published On: Mon, Sep 26th, 2016

Chameleon Technology: Blank Canvas

chamChameleon Technology
Black Canvas

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A wild, roiling bass and a screaming vocal push of lusting informs “No Safe Word,” the opener of Chameleon Technology’s latest EP Blank Canvas. Less you think the solo creator of this “brand” and band Max Histrionic is just a screamer, in this first tune alone he layers the punk picked guitars perfectly and gets out quickly. “Serin’s Vending” had more of that cool guitar playing and heavy, high-end bass, but Histrionic is adopting almost a No Doubt-like vocal in the chorus, countering the shouting. “Lifestyle Science” delivers some straight-ahead kinetic playing again, with welcomed singing, rather than shouting, in the verses. (I like it better when Histrionic sings more than when he shouts, actually.) The tom work on “Self Repair” slows things down with a swing to its snare and again Histrionic actually singing. The guitar picking is hypnotic in the verses and the chorus is almost singable. It’s the most commercial track on Blank Canvas by far, and one that showcases Histrionic’s compositing abilities with the three or so different movements here. The title track ends the EP with some wonderfully played snare, quick talking vocals in the verses that build to the screamed chorus that we are expecting. It offers a light and dark interplay between the softer moments, the harder working well for this last tune. Overall, Chameleon Technology’s Blank Canvas will draw you in, kick your ass around, but at times even make you sit back and think. Good stuff from Max Histrionic.

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Chameleon Technology: Blank Canvas