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Published On: Wed, Dec 21st, 2016

Countless Thousands: You’re Goddamn Right

countlessCountless Thousands
You’re Goddamn Right

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Opening with the kinetic, acoustic punk of “The Asskickers’ Union,” it is obvious that L.A.’s Countless Thousands are having a great time bleating out this love song, and what is the rest of their six-song album, You’re Goddamn Right. “We’ve Got a Dress Code” is just as quick, this time with AC/DC-like riffing and once again Jonathan David’s drums snappig us along at a breakneck speed while Danger Van Gorder yells around it all. “Only Child” is a great western-sounding story song, Gorder and Light Return’s guitars mixing perfectly while Davey Munch walks his bass around the fact that the singer’s sister is, as he convinces in this tune about dysfunctional family matters, “an asshole.” A ZZ Top-like (well, the guitars sound like ZZ a bit, then get heavier in places) “Gang Fight” ends You’re Goddamn Right. I love this kind of wild, wacky stuff that’s not just wacky for the sake of being wacky, when the band has something to say, and can play and exude a true feeling of entertainment in what they do, as Countless Thousands do well on You’re Goddamn Right.

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Countless Thousands: You’re Goddamn Right