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Published On: Wed, Dec 21st, 2016

DVD: Lazy Eye

lazy-eye-posterOpening with an eye exam for “Dean,” played by Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, a slight vision change suddenly indicates a possibly much larger one in his life.

Dean’s getting emails from his ex-lover “Alex,” (Aaron Costa Ganis) tickling a reuniting. Along the first few scenes of the movie, as we get quick moments of red-washed sex flashbacks of the men, Dean goes to his vacation home (or ‘investment property’ as he calls it) in the Mohave Desert at Joshau Tree, pretty much waiting on Alex to join him. And Alex does.

Mostly Lazy Eye is a two-character indie movie about two ex-lovers finding their way back to one another, for however long it might last and for whatever purpose. We all know what comes of tickling the dials on time machines like this, the danger as much from learning what went on before, as what could happen now.  With some excellent acting though, and the idea of old lovers’ fits and starts reuniting, especially telling in this day-and-age of Facebook reaching-out, writer-director Tim Kirkman’s Lazy Eye is some very good truthful filmmaking indeed.

Lazy Eye is now streaming on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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DVD: Lazy Eye