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Published On: Fri, Jan 20th, 2017

Camille Peruto: From the Sea to the Sky

camilleCamille Peruto
From the Sea to the Sky

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From the metallic piano jump of opener “Crooked Roads” and “Biscuit Moon”’s electric folk with an echo beat, to the high pop of percussion and soft hypnotic chorus on “Can’t Get Away,” it’s all about melody on Camille Peruto’s album, From the Sea to the Sky. On tunes like the aforementioned “Can’t Get Away,” the lady certainly explores lots of dramatic structure with split-second changes in tone and strikes. If I have any criticism, I’d say sometimes Peruto is trying too hard to make the choruses big and commercial, but she makes good use of her players here (Eric Novod on drums; Joe Parella plating guitar and “Machine,” whatever that means; Roshane Karunaratne tickling the keys; and Erik Kase Romero on bass) and manages pretty well-constructed songs. “Sword” takes off from a splashy percussion and overdriven organ backing, again giving Peruto plenty to work her harmonies in a big chorus. There is a well-plucked acoustic and atmosphere around “Row Ghost,” a tune of both swirly sounds and voice. Guitar flicking informs the verses of ender “Lagoon,” a song with, once again, a big singable chorus, but not one that’s overdone. Peruto  has a very good sense of melody and what her voice can and cannot do and writes some damn good songs. From the Sea to the Sky is solid stuff indeed.

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Camille Peruto: From the Sea to the Sky