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Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2017

Killer Bee: Eye In the Sky

killer beeKiller Bee
Eye In the Sky
(Mighty Music)

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Killer Bee bassist Anders “LA” Rönnblom and lead vocalist Brian “Bee” Frank (the songwriters here), guitarists Andre Hägglund and Chris Sjöström, Denny DeMarchi on keys, and Shawn Duncan on drums) have just released Eye In the Sky. Here, yet again, we get the bombast metal with the harmony vocals this band is known for across the planet. Never heard of the Bee? Well, there are plenty that haven’t, but this Swedish-Canadian outfit has been chugging along for a quarter of a century. Here, they bring out the full range of their rep. with tunes like “Face the Night” featuring DeMarchi’s organ way up front and “Joystick Warrior,” a chunky rocker where drummer Duncan lays down a rolling beat. The ender, “By My Side,” features a descending piano line from DeMarchi and Frank doing a very competent Axl Rose-like vocal. As in many places here, the full complement of the band’s harmony vocals slip in for this solid, rich closer. Killer Bee is a killer band of a specific commercial hard rock stripe. Yes, we heard lots of these kinds of bands in the mid-to-late 80’s and surely there are as many singable choruses here as heavy rock riffin’, but Killer Bee mines this vein very well indeed. There’s no way you won’t like Eye In the Sky.

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Killer Bee: Eye In the Sky