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Published On: Tue, Feb 14th, 2017

We talk with Singer/Songwriter Aubreylyn

Speaking to nineteen–year-old singer/songwriter/pianist Aubreylyn, you learn first-hand what an artist with a singular vision and stunning skills needs to do these days to make her mark. Aubreylyn opened for RASPUTINA late last year and I had the good fortune to learn about what she is all about. I noticed how well you used strings on your new album. Can you speak a little about adding colors like real strings-live and on record. The addition of the strings makes the live show more of a performance. I have played local coffee shops, when I was younger, only singing to karaoke like backing tracks, then I came to lugging my keyboard around later. But now this way I can make it more of a performance. Translate to the audience the full potential of those songs, that yes, I rounded out with strings on the record. Was the addition of strings, the arrangements in general, influenced or suggested even by your producer David Ivory (Ivory is a Grammy-nominated multi-platinum engineer and producer). Yes David, has been working in the business a long time, he is interested, writes and has worked on lots of different music. He knows how to put out a record, how best to make the best arrangements, and is a musician with lots of ideas. It was sometimes challenging as he comes from more of a rock oriented thing than anything else, his genre was at times the complete opposite end of where I come from. But we have a great respect for one another and we’re able to set aside any differences in approach and sensibility and collaborate and create a wonderful product together. From string-fed ballads, to getting funky with Steve Wonder kind of synth grooves, you have quite the eclectic mix across your new album. That’s the kind of writer I am. It seems every song has its own intention, a certain story. I would usually just sit and write everything out, getting like 5 to 7 minutes and we’d go back to edit, take out those good ideas. I tend to be a very verbose person, so there is a lot to get through, but we get it down in the end. You can hear and see how well Aubreylyn gets down live or on her new CD. Check out her music here.

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We talk with Singer/Songwriter Aubreylyn