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Published On: Tue, Feb 28th, 2017

Justin Allen and the Well Shots: White Oak & Kerosene

justinJustin Allen and the Well Shots
White Oak & Kerosene
(BluZealot Entertainment)

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Justin Allen and the Well Shots present their view of Americana roots rock on their new EP White Oak & Kerosene. Opening with the super slow (or at least the tune starts slow and loose with just Allen’s vocals and acoustic) “Hard Luck Man,” the tune slips and slides (with a great lead slide part indeed) into a plodding opener. The pluck of “Come a Little Closer” sets a lighter mood, with a nice layering of what sounds like a mandolin and Alex Haddad’s easy lead picking and some sweet harmony vocals in the chorus. As he does with the opener, Allen starts the song pretty sparse and then the band comes in soft and stylish later. Rockin’ “Feeling Alright” sees the band in sooner, causing you to get up and dance or (at least tap your feet) early on to join Haddad’s pick/wailing and his harmonizing on the chorus. The instruments dropping out slightly about mid way sets up that big Kid Rock vibe to the end, a feel Allen mines throughout this record. The title track is a flicky guitar ballad, and though Haddad adds some nice accents in the verses and a cool, loud lead at the end, by the time the song picks up, it’s too little too late, I’m sorry to say; nothing much ever happens here. “Angelina,” with a snare train snap and a very good production of the light and shade of what the Well Shots are capable of ends the EP.

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Justin Allen and the Well Shots: White Oak & Kerosene