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Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2017

Celebrating the Anniversary of “Kim Kardashian Superstar”

Kim K SuperstarDid you happen to know that next month marks the 10th anniversary of Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape (and did you also happen to know that the actual name of Kim’s sex tape is “Kim Kardashian Superstar.” As Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment told me, there is also “The Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience” which his company released last October on  Recognizing this most significant event in the world of adult entertainment, I happened to speak with Mr. Hirsch about that original sex tape, the celebration of it and sex tapes in general.

When one considers how much of K.K. and her ilk we see daily on Instagram and Twitter in various stages of undress, do you find it odd that the appetite for celeb sex tapes hasn’t seemed to have decreased? 

If anything, the appetite is international and as we are currently expanding VividTV in Europe we are finding that they love our celebrity sex tapes too. We are currently searching for the French Kim Kardashian, the Polish Kim Kardashian, etc.

Vivid was the first company really to release this kind of stuff into the market. Can you explain how that first Tommy Lee Sex Tape came to be and get released?

Yes, “Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore, Uncensored & Uncut” was the first sex tape that we released in 1998.  This was a case of Vivid being contacted by a third party who asked if we might be interested in seeing some footage from the tape.  The rest, of course, is history. Vivid is the leader in the celebrity sex tape category; no other company has distributed as many celebrity tapes.

As lots of this is ‘stolen property’ how do the laws work when Vivid puts this stuff out?

Vivid makes sure that it is legally comfortable to distribute any tape.

Are there more celeb tapes in the Vivid vault that have never been released and might be some day?

Because these tapes are genuine, we can’t schedule them in advance. We might distribute five in one year and two the next. But there are more and there will be more. The public just loves to see celebrities in the nude and having sex.

In the end, what makes a good celebrity sex tape? Seeing our brightest and best naked, or is it the kinkier the act what really drives people to view them?

“Good” is a very subjective word as used in your question. If you mean what makes a celebrity sex tape a best seller, it depends on variables.  Is the celebrity high profile?  Does she/he particularly appeal to you? Do you think the screen sex is a turn on? Etc.

Going with Mr. Hirsch’s point above, whether you find sex tapes “good,” your favorite kind of porn or just a passing curiosity, it seems Vivid Entertainment has got you covered for this kind of stuff…and of course so much more. I thank Mr. Hirsch for his time, and as always applaud this man who gave us so much and continues to break new ground with sex tapes, Vivid T.V. ,Vivid Radio and all that he does over at

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Celebrating the Anniversary of “Kim Kardashian Superstar”