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Published On: Tue, Mar 7th, 2017

We Talk with the Hard Rocking and Goth Glam Madame Mayhem

Madame MayhemHard rockin’, ‘Goth Glam’ petite  Madame Mayhem grabs you by the **** with her unique style and opera-trained voice and never lets go. I caught up with the lady as she stepped out of a rehearsal in her N.J. home state (she was born in Manhattan) to talk about what she’s all about and what’s happening in 2017 for her.

The look, style, 4-piece rocking band; is there a difference between the Madame Mayhem on stage and real life?

The way I dress on stage is just the style I like. Certainly, on stage is exaggerated for the performance, there’s less clothes, more spikes. But this is who I am, off stage and on.

I have seen the term gothic glam used when describing you. What, if any label, would you use to define the music you write?

I wouldn’t call myself anything, really. I avoid labels. I have eclectic tastes in music, I have a classically trained opera and dancing background and I write hard rock. My songs border on metal, sometimes mainstream. It really depends on a song by song basis.

Let’s talk about working with killer musician/songwriter/bassist and in the case of your album, producer Billy Sheehan. What was that like?

Incredible, amazing, there are just too many words to describe how much he brought out in me as a producer. I felt so comfortable, with him. Obviously, he is a legend and it was so great to work with Billy. I mean, you hear horror stories about working with your heroes, how a producer can try and just make a session there own. But he brought out the best for me in my music. He simply just brings out the best in an artist by being so honest and real…not to mention a great player.

So playing kick ass live shows, writing and recording killer songs, working with great people, is really what this is all about in the end, huh?

Yes, I have a great team, don’t take no for an answer, meet the right people, fit in a little group I believe in. No one can master the industry, I just keep hustling.

You can catch Madame Mayhem hustling during 2017. She recently breezed through New York City, sailed out for ports unknown (but certainly rockin’ ) on ShipRocked 2017 and will be playing in a city near you (you have to hope) in the future.

Check out all about her here

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We Talk with the Hard Rocking and Goth Glam Madame Mayhem