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Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2017

Cashmere Cat: Wild Love

cashmereCashmere Cat
Wild Love

I try to stay abreast of current music; I keep an eye on the Billboard charts and the indie movement as well. But sometimes one slips through the cracks. Cashmere Cat, I must admit, was one of those artists for me. When I saw his name, it really stood out. It sounded like a bunch of fun! Even the song titles are interesting! Magnus August Høiberg (a.k.a. Cashmere Cat), a Norwegian DJ, turntablist, musician, and record producer, is very creative and fun. His approach has its own signature sound and he can do all genres. I love every minute of it.”After Coachella” (featuring Sophie and Mo) is super cool. The track itself has so many layers and futuristic sounds with a pop melody that’s hypnotic. I love how the elements are a form of art for him. This, from what I know, is his third album and I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t know of him sooner. I can sense that he fully thinks his ideas out. “Waterfalls” (featuring Sia) is a beautiful, simple song. “Less Is More” is definitely his theme, but in the most intricate way, if that makes any sense. “Throw Myself a Party” (featuring  2 Chainz, Starrah, and Tory Lanez) is such a major urban club hit and honestly, is a song I wasn’t expecting on the album at all. I can truly appreciate musicians who defy initial impressions. “Trust Nobody” I saved for last because for whatever reason and unsuspectingly I’m a Selena Gomez fan. This song also features Tory Lanez. Cashmere knows hows to complement each artist skillfully and respectfully. He also sneaks in a few snippets as well. It shows wisdom, which is a quality necessary for longevity. I could dance all day to this album. I suggest you taking a listen. Who doesn’t like to dance? (Even if in secret!)


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Cashmere Cat: Wild Love