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Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2017

Deep Purple: Infinite

Deep Purple
(Edel Germany)

Infinite, the 20th studio album by Deep Purple, has lots of those old D.P. touchstones we have come to love. Opening with an over-the-top spoken intro into the trite lyrics of “Time For Bedlam,” Don Airey wails on organ here, with the band chunking along behind him. (Infinite is pretty much an album that features him.) “One Night In Vegas” has a good chunk and organ bleating. It’s a quick run of a tune. “Get Me Outta Here” reveals Ian Paice at his best snapping and rolling, with the band popping heavy alongside him. “The Surprising” is built around the full band (though Airey is out front as much or more as the old Jon Lord ever was) with Steve Morse cutting through with his signature blistering electric lead runs and Paice driving the whole thing through. We also get sweet floating piano in the bridge. “On Top of the World” is a Steve Morse guitar-strut workout….again with Paice and Airey doing that Purple pop and heavy roll behind Ian Gillan. It’s probably the most commercial tune here. The real treat is the band’s read on The Doors’ classic “Roadhouse Blues,” complete with harmonica, blues piano, and a turned around drum beat. It really sails as much as any other tune here, even if Gillan’s vocal is not so much up for the task. There seems to be life left in Deep Purple as listening to Infinite will attest.

You can check out the album here.

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Deep Purple: Infinite