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Published On: Thu, Jun 1st, 2017

Goldfrapp: Silver Eye

Silver Eye

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Every time Goldfrapp comes out with a new album, it’s a little bit different from the last. Constantly evolving, the Mute Records synthpop duo has run the gamut from the glam of Black Cherry to the dance floor glitz of Supernature. (I guarantee you’ve heard “Ooh La La” if you’ve set foot in a club within the past decade.) On this latest, it’s a delightful grab bag of many of their strengths as a band. “Anymore” is a sassy, anthemic stomper, which sounds like a 90’s Breeders-esque tribute to Fischerspooner. It sounds just old enough to be considered retro (feel old yet?)…in a cool way. “Systemagic” is a poppier dreamfest of lush, crackling saw waves and a tight high hat lending structure to the track. Alison Goldfrapp’s vocals really shine on this one; they’re fresh and breathy. There’s some solid, more mellow fare on here as well with “Beast That Never Was,” reminiscent of Massive Attack’s classic “Teardrop” in its attention to vocals and atmosphere with a sparse beat behind it. Another one of my favorites is the sensuous “Moon In Your Mouth,” which has some beautiful synths in it and really showcases the attention to detail on every track. The last track on the album, “Ocean,” is similarly breathtaking. It feels a little heavier, but wraps things up with a degree of finality and grace that makes you wonder what they’ll come up with next.

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Goldfrapp: Silver Eye