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Published On: Wed, Jun 21st, 2017

Jomo: What I Want

What I Want
(Lyles-Belton Entertainment)

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Atlantic City rapper Jomo’s new EP What I Want reveals a tough, and at at times, quite melodic rap attack with production that includes William “WhiteKeys” Harding helping out (on the opening title track specifically). Jomo K. Lyles-Belton does the honors here providing us beats and lyrics. He is a strong rapper with a good ear for production.

The title track, has wonderful horns and keys backing, tough lyrical lines, and a real driving poppin’ beat. “Jersey Strong,” the tune that follows, isn’t much more than layered spoken parts, but it is an interesting collage.

“Cocky” follows, again with some spoken stuff taken from God knows where, but the keys slip in hard and heavy, and we get a drum machine beat that reveals the best rap so far on What I Want.

“I’m SO Ole’ School” has a flute/ keys sound that sounds a bit like a tune of an era gone by, but the rap style is more or less what we have gotten throughout the EP.

“25 to Life” ends What I Want, with Jomo claiming he’s going “old school” (if he ever is, here or on his song with that title, is anybody’s guess) but I do like the starker production here of mainly just bass and his rapping.

What I Wantis solid rap stuff from Jersey rapper, Jomo.

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Jomo: What I Want