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Published On: Thu, Jun 29th, 2017

THE SEX FILES: Let’s Go Exploring With XR Brands

As you are about to learn, XR Brands, pretty much has your back (and backside) when it comes to the adult products you might be looking for. They just expanded their innovative and top selling anal play Strap U line, featuring premium silicone dildos, harnesses, lubes, and more to encompass a wider array of possibilities for first time peggers. The company’s $33.95 to $44.99 continues the Strap U tradition of providing accessible and effective harnesses and accessories to consumers at all experience levels (first-time peggers are especially welcome here). I can tell you from exploring the “Plena II Double Penetration Adjustable Strap on Harness” they sent me, their wares are sturdy, hygienically safe and ‘substantial’ for both wearer and acceptor. Wow! I spoke with XR’s marketing and sales administrator Robert Fuller about what folks are looking for in modern day adult toy buying and just what is it about anal that’s so…interesting. Are lovers playing ‘harder’ these days than they ever have played before? (I am referring to the “Play Hard”tag line on XR Brands’ site.) There has definitely been an increase in the demand for couples’ fetish toys and gear to make their play ‘harder’ than their norm. More people want to start trying out different kinks and niches; the more experienced players are also looking for the next level toy/tool for their play. Are you seeing a rise in popularity in any specific type of toy…and why do you think that is? One of the bigger sex crazes right now is pegging. In just the past few years, the demand for strap-ons for couples has been steadily increasing. Men are becoming more and more open with their female partner, and they want to explore the pleasure of prostate stimulation. It is breaking away from the ‘pegging means you’re gay’ stereotype. You had an update of your Strap U line. What were you hoping to accomplish with the updates and additions you didn’t get to previously? The newer items we have added have different shapes and sizes than previously released. They are designed to help increase sensation, stimulation and help make the finish that much more satisfying. What are couples missing (men and women both) who think that anal play is taboo? They are missing a whole new world of sensation and pleasure. Most people don’t realize how stimulating it can be to play around down there. The first thing you should do is make sure everything is clean and ready. Shower before and pop in an enema real quick. Make sure you’re squeaky clean.  Something to remember is to take it slow and small. Work your way up to more. Last thing you want to do is hurt yourself and completely turn you off from anal play/sex. What criteria do you use when choosing what particular company’s products you carry/create? We are a manufacturer of over 1,400 retail packaged adult novelty items that we create and develop in house. Are the days of brick-and-mortar sex stores coming to an end? Online shopping has become ever more popular. You can get everything from your groceries to buying a car online now. When it comes to sex toy shops, they are also feeling this. It is just the way of the times, unfortunately. The only difference with this industry is that people still want to see and feel items before they purchase them. Holding something in your hands prior to inserting it into your body will always be something people can appreciate. What’s on the horizon for you, any new lines coming or that you are courting? We have quite a few amazing new partnerships and creations currently being developed. I wish I could share more but they are TOP secret. To hear more about them, you will just have to wait till we reveal them. Please visit to see what Mr Fuller and XR sells presently and will also someday soon reveal.

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THE SEX FILES: Let’s Go Exploring With XR Brands