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Published On: Thu, Jul 6th, 2017

Cheap Trick: We’re All Alright!

Cheap Trick
We’re All Alright!
(Big Machine)

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“You Got It Going On,” with its roiling riff, over driven push, and a sing-able chorus open Cheap Tricks’ 18th studio album, We’re All Alright! This leads right into an equally over-the-top “Long Time Coming,” again with a chorus so infectious you’ll need a shot of antibiotics after hearing it.

“Nowhere” is pure Cheap Trick punk (that’s the fun thing about this band, for all these many decades of their existence, C.T. manages all kinds of rock and roll styles) while “Radio Lover” sees singer Robin Zander doing his best Elvis on another loud rocker. Tom Petersson (bass) and Daxx Nielsen (drums) create a sly low chunk on “Lolita,” a sexy nasty number. This song has a lot of space, it’s not built on straight-ahead riffing and Zander does that teasing strut vocal he does better than any other rock singer on what is the best song on the first half of We’re All Alright.

“Floating Down,” is the big ballad here. With a big jangle guitar vibe from Rick Nielsen, a sweeping backing, and Zander’s control (and falsetto) this is another highlight among these 13 tracks.

“Listen To Me,” kicks us back into that heavy, pure Cheap Trick classic sound with big riffs and a commercial chorus, while the sweeping (complete with Nielsen slide and synth strings) “The Rest Of My Life” ends the regular CD.

The deluxe edition of We’re All Alright! includes Cheap Trick doing their own rockin’ psychedelic rock read on The Move’s psychedelic “Blackberry Way,” their bendy guitar rocker “Like A Fly,” and “If You Still Want My Love” with its Beach Boys-like “oohs” and big Beatles chanted-vocal ending.

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Cheap Trick: We’re All Alright!