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Published On: Mon, Jul 10th, 2017

Royal Blood: How Did We Get So Dark?

Royal Blood
How Did We Get So Dark?
(Warner Bros.)

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British rockers Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher of the band Royal Blood are back with their second album, How Did We Get So Dark? a somewhat ironic title, seeing as their first self-titled album was pretty dark to begin with. Their new effort is just as strong, with plenty of interesting guitar work and tempo changes that remind me of everything that’s good about Jack White’s band The Raconteurs. Plenty of jilted lover anthems are scattered throughout the album, not the least of which being “Lights Out” (“You’re not so hard to forget/With all the lights out…). Ugly truths surface for relationships still alive with songs such as “I Only Lie When I Love You.” Other highlights include “Looks Like You Know,” “Don’t Tell,” “Hook, Line and Sinker,” and “Hole in Your Heart.”

It’s tough to compare this effort with their first release, which was almost universally embraced as a groundbreaking album. Still, there is plenty to enjoy with their sophomore effort. Remarkable is the fact that the sound is coming from just two guys (with some assistance on the album surely). It makes me curious to experience what Royal Blood would be like live. Considering their first two albums, I’m sure I wouldn’t be disappointed at all. For those who are already fans of Royal Blood, this album is highly satisfying. If you are new to the band, I would recommend listening to their self-titled album first before giving How Did We Get So Dark? a listen.

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Royal Blood: How Did We Get So Dark?