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Published On: Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

Washed Out: Mister Mellow

Washed Out
Mister Mellow
(Stones Throw Records)

Singer/ songwriter/ producer Ernest Greene (better known as Washed Out) really lives up to his chillwave and dream pop labels on Mister Mellow. It starts off a little ominous, but then “Burn Out Blues” quickly bursts through revealing that familiar, bright signature sound.

Echoing vocals and infectious layers of percussion flow through the speakers and seamlessly into the next track, the slower paced “Time Off.”

“Floating By” follows with danceable percussion and bossa nova style keys. This stand out track leads into the slightly jazzy, “I’ve Been Dreaming My Entire Life.”

“Hard to Say Goodbye” points to disco influences with it’s simple, danceable beat, string/ synth builds and flourishes, break down sections, and uplifting feel.

There’s no way to resist tapping your feet along to “Get Lost” with its relentless beat, wild horns, and swirling synths.

Washed Out’s Mister Mellow is full of summery magic and is sonically perfect for long summer road trips.

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Washed Out: Mister Mellow