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Published On: Fri, Sep 1st, 2017

Bob Kasper & Borkovski: the B Zero B project

Bob Kasper and Borkowski
the B Zero B project

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A sly snare under perfectly-layered acoustics push along Bob Kasper’s singing how he needs ‘someone’ on “Got This Feeling,” the opener on the B Zero B project debut. Tim Borkowski, the other member of this duo, throws off some spry licks, and we are well on our way into this upbeat acoustic witch’s brew of 9 tunes.

“Figure It Out,” another searching for love tune moves even quicker, as “Can’t Take It” mines a classic Bo Diddly beat. I love how these guys get things going with their acoustics moving things along more than even the drums. Kaspser’s voice sounds especially strong on this one, the backing vocals are well-placed, and Borkowski is wailing on, making this song one of my favourites.

We get more rich vocals from Kasper on the ballad, “Tomorrow Today,” another example of top notch writing and simple production. One can roll around in the easy blanket of “Sunday Morning from a Saturday Night” observations, and float about the acoustic mix and nearly heartbreaking melody Kasper manages (reminds me a bit of Tim Buckley meets Oasis) on “A Place I Don’t Know Where.”

Rob Savoy provides a snappy snare under Kasper’s best vocals on “Grand Illusion.” This last tune is just one of the examples where there’s lots to the lyrics and things are lifted way above the norm because of Borkowski’s understated and excellent tickling.

This is acoustic music making of high excellence. the B Zero B project is pretty much an A+ on every level.

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Bob Kasper & Borkovski: the B Zero B project