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Published On: Fri, Sep 29th, 2017

Shrek Is Love: Shrek Is Love Volume 1 – This Is My Swamp

Shrek is Love
Shrek is Love, Vol 1: This is My Swamp

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The love of Shrek (yes, that animated big guy) brings vocalist Michael Mayo, bassist Nick Campbell, keyboardist Jacob Mann and drummer Christian Euman together on Shrek Is Love’s 3-song EP, Shrek Is Love, Volume 1, This Is My Swamp.

“Lord Farquaad” smacks us right into the great bass playing and drumming of this four piece along with some “plinky” keys and Mayo’s Steve Wonder-isms. This muscular track ends quite some time later in great jamming. I love how things don’t just end here, the band tacks it down at the end to Mayo “hmming” over the drums and a sweet key solo.

“This is My Swamp” is next. We get more plinky keys, but with a rimshot pushing us along. Mayo’s soft voice speaks of what he sees around him (I hear a flutter of auto-tune in his voice, but that doesn’t make it any less effective). By the time Euman comes in with Campbell full force, an odd stuttering beat is in full swing. There is both an electric piano lead as well as a drum solo later, where we really understand what a great drummer Euman is (not to take way from the rest of the players).

The sweet floaty electric piano ballad “Fiona” ends the EP. Mayo stands out, but it’s hard not to notice the sly playing of Campbell here especially.

The subject matter might not be everybody’s thing, but Shrek Is Love are some killer players and they present a wonderful jazz/funk EP from deep within their swamp.

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Shrek Is Love: Shrek Is Love Volume 1 – This Is My Swamp