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Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

Danii Roundtree: Memoirs

Danii Roundtree
(CarMichael Music Group)

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Snapping beat, big horns bleating out the melody as Danii Roundtree trills her voice around them, the New Orleans-like opener “My Man” opens Memoirs. With The Retro Rebels Danii really hits it out of the park here with her soul/jazz/funk mix of high horn push, great keys, upright bass, and warbly vocals.

The slip in and out of the organ on “Pillow Talk,” and how it plumps along on “Magic” reveals some very sly playing and production (on “Magic” there’s some distorted additions to Danii’s voice that are very effective as well). “Blue Eyes,” is my favorite here. It’s pure upright bass, xylophone, Burt Bacharach-territory, and the best use of Danii’s unusual yet effective vocals. When the piano floats in with the backing horn, man you are lifted well into the stratosphere of what this woman is capable of.

“Crave” is the first single off of Memoirs. It’s a running piano/snare shuffle/easy guitar flick that is obviously produced for as much pop breadth as possible. Danii floats above the horns and organ slipping in, at times her voice a little far back in the mix, but those “hello hello’s” and “ah ha ha’s” add to the cutesy vibe here. Background singers, The Coco Puffs make this into true girl-group confectionery. Even Danii’s roll round Minnie Riperton territory at the end fits this commercial stab.

A notable voice, great musicians behind her, and interesting songwriting set with the vibe of a certain age: Danii Roundtree’s Memoirs kicks sweet ass.

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Danii Roundtree: Memoirs