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Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

THE SEX FILES: ‘Meaty’ Matters At Miss Bum-Bum 2017

Look, it wouldn’t be the first time I’d be called a misogynist. And really, I stand up tall and proud to the label. I look at all this recent Harvey Weinstein-Hollywood groping stuff and though I really don’t think that’s a nice way to treat a lady (or man), wielding your power over somebody to get a grope or a tickle (or more) I am not so shocked. So if that makes me a sexist pig or misogynist, hey I can live with it. I tend towards living in reality when I can manage it.

So, with no further ado I would like to expound, yet again, on the Miss Bum-Bum contest (held just this past Monday night), surely a sexist romp-of-an-event any self-respecting feminist might take umbrage over, but something I have come to adore and report on here in The Sex Files when I can.

For the uninitiated, Miss Bum-Bum has been held in Brazil for seven years now (it’s so popular Mexico and China have their own versions of the contest). The contestants need measure no larger than 42 inches back there, and must present an all-natural backside. Winners in the past- Erika Canela, Indianara Carvalho and Dai Macedo, to name but a few-have gone on to international careers.

The contest has not passed without controversy. The most obvious being what it is about. But the organizers seem to court and even participate in lots of the news-making. For instance, last year, the contest powers-that-be thought it a rather good idea to offend Catholics directly and had the Bum-Bum girls‘re-enact’ the scene of The Last Supper.

This year, in light of what seems to be a rising amount of sexual harassment stories (as noted above) five of the contestants wore bikinis made of meat. The organizers of Miss Bum-Bum told SplashNews that the message they wanted to display (which they did on pageant advertisements showing the five ladies) was: “Women are not just a piece of meat.”

Women posing in “beef-kinis” in a contest where they show off their beef as much as possible; God, I just love the round a’round irony.

The winner of this year’s Miss Bum-Bum contest was 28-year-old Rosie Oliveira from Amazonas.

Rosie courted her own controversy when she walked the stage holding a flag flashing a message against Brazil’s president. So not only meat made things matter this Monday past.

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THE SEX FILES: ‘Meaty’ Matters At Miss Bum-Bum 2017