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Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2018

Miguel: War & Leisure

War & Leisure
(RCA Records)

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Miguel’s War & Leisure starts of with “Criminal,” a track that rocks. It’s simultaneously heavy and light, and an irreverent ode to a perfect romantic match. Rick Ross’ verse is both unexpected and unnecessary, but this intro track leads smoothly into the next.

“Pineapple Skies” brings on the Prince influence and comparisons. This track lives up to its title with upbeat rhythms as Miguel shows off his vocal power.

The chorus of “Sky Walker” (“I’m Luke Skywalking on these haters”) is playful, cocky, and carefree, and Travis Scott’s verse fits into this trap flavored, but chilled out track.

“Wolf” start and stop vocals, and guitars, turn up the drama and make this track move in a classic Hendrix style. This one stands out for the vocals and real rock and roll flair. Next up, “Haram” slows things down a bit despite its raw percussion.

“Come Through and Chill” (first released in 2016) is a real stand out track on War & Leisure. Although the original is definitely the more chill and sets a mood to perfection, this final version features J.Cole and Salaam Remi, and is worth a listen even if just for comparison.

This album turns up the volume on Miguel’s rock and funk side. It delves into love and sex, and touches on politics and violence. You may not always listen to War & Leisure from start to finish, but if you’re even a casual fan of Miguel, you’ll have a good amount of these songs on heavy rotation.

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Miguel: War & Leisure