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Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

Elena Andújar: Flamenco in Time

Elena Andújar
Flamenco in Time
(Wake Up! Music Group)

On Elena Andújar’s new album, Flamenco in Time, modern day Flamenco spirits listeners through 7 songs infused with the spectacular singer’s life. Beginning with the mid-tempo percussion bed, Bruce Gomez’s lead guitar as well as Ron Haynes’ trumpet up front with Elena, “Una Vez Más” gets the ride going.

“Fever”  is a percussion/ horn spike read on the famous tune, with Antonio Andújar laying down solid, infectious, precise percussion, and again Haynes getting a workout. We get the Club Mix as well as Matt Waren’s “Latenight Workout” (a thicker dance version) of “El Despertador,” a song that sees Elena warbling over the electronics, and even rapping. Both versions are a swirly showcase for her pipes.

The various versions of “Es Así” fly as much from the layered percussion and Elena’s strong vocals as three very different mixes. Bruce Gomez’s flamenco guitar on the first version is truly something special.

One doesn’t come away disappointed with the specific instruments that are supposed to be featured in this kind of music (all played masterfully). In fact, the particular mix of talents on this album (also including Matt Warren, Pepper Gomez, and Frank Schabold) rallies round Elena Andújar’s to create this perfect little gem of an album.

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Elena Andújar: Flamenco in Time