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Published On: Tue, May 22nd, 2018

YES: Fly From Here – Return Trip

Fly From Here
(Frontiers Records)

On the eve of the #YES50 celebrations, the progressive monster group releases a brand new mix of their album, Fly From Here – Return Trip. Featuring the “Drama” lineup of Yes-Geoff Downes, and Trevor Horn, both joining in 1980, replacing Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson, respectively, plus dearly departed Chris Squire, and Steve Howe and Alan White-with Benoit David and new lead vocals by Trevor Horn, this album, originally released in 2011 is a long-awaited treat for all Yes heads.

Opening with the six part “Fly From Here” suite, we get an overture of key lines running under power chords. The “We Can Fly” section has an upbeat, floaty melody, Steve Howe sailing single strong guitar notes over the top, and lyrics that set up the airfield location. We keep chugging along, with great vocals really leading the way with some wonderful harmonies from Chris Squire, and Steve Howe introducing classical guitar. There’s stop and go Yes-ness during “Madman at the Screens.” “Bumpy Ride,” sees Squire and White stomping back and forth with what seems wild abandon, and then the big reprise of “Fly From Here.”

“Life On A Film Set” mines a King Crimson, “I Talk to the Wind,” vibe with Howe on the acoustic, Benoit singing, and wind and flute sounds. The previously unreleased “Don’t Take No for an Answer” recorded in 2011, features Steve Howe on a very limited lead vocal, and there’s not much beyond that fact to recommend the tune I’m afraid. “Solitaire” sees him in solo acoustic instrumental mode.

A big brash, watery-bass snap and kinetic speed gets one’s feet tapping for the last tune, “Into The Storm,” one of the better tunes here, with Yes harmonies in pure pop mode.

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YES: Fly From Here – Return Trip