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Published On: Thu, May 31st, 2018

THE SEX FILES: Girls Naked…Oh My!

In this day and age of watch what you say (so sorry Roseanne) countered by the seemingly horrific daily display of violence or just the glut of Instagram pics of  the latest Kardashian side boob, the world is a mighty confused and often hypocritical, slippery-sloping place. But then comes the right-up-in-your-face, unadorned and unapologetic, perfectly explicit and things seem ok, at least for the moment. Porn, erotica, adult text and images, keep us alive and well and Goliath Books, a company I have explored plenty here, is helping me keep the faith in this increasingly button-downed, PC world.

In their usual fashion this German publisher of fine and often erotic photographic collections presents two new books, PUSSY & BUTT and NATURAL & NAKED: Girls Uncensored (available presently only at Amazon Germany here and here.)

Pussy & Butt is certainly the more explicit of these two new tomes, although both feature naked women. In this lush hardcover, we are treated to over 25o color pics of 18 different scenes showcasing pretty young girls, often up close to their pinkest of parts. This book, as Goliath says, presentsuninhibitedly and uncensored displays of the two most beautiful sides of women: the pussy and the butt.” Looking at these photographs, one would have to agree, all of what we see in this book is indeed beautiful.

Natural & Naked is famous photographer Mikhail Paramonov’s latest erotic photographic project. It includes three of the most important ingredients for creating successful nude photography: Paramonov brings together fresh, bright beauties with long legs, firm breasts and soft skin, they don’t have any tats showing and are not  artificially enhanced and the women are damn well naked, and shamelessly displaying their hottest assets to the camera. As Goliath calls it, these 300 pics present a “true statement against the increasing prudery in our society.”

And thank God I say.

As a hetero male, I certainly enjoying gazing upon the naked female form; go ahead, call me a misogynist pig. What Goliath presents here (and hopefully soon one can get the book beyond just on Amazon Germany’s site) is a sure balm in a world where we worry so much about what we do and say.

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THE SEX FILES: Girls Naked…Oh My!