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Published On: Fri, Aug 24th, 2018

Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz: Of All These Things

Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz
Of All These Things
(Baggage Room Music)

A very pretty “Below the Night,” informed by guitarist Mark O’Bitz’s expertly placed slide effects, and Eric Anders’ high lilting vocal, begins the duo’s Of All These Things. It’s evident from the get go that we are in expert hands with studied production and some solid introspective songwriter that’s not exclusive.

After a few acoustic-led ditties we get into the first real drum-led tune, “Eyes of Your Lovers,” the first time on Of All These Things that Anders is able to open up his vocal in a lower register. Again we get great atmospheric slide from O’Bitz (nearing David Lindley plucking status) and great female backing vocals.

It’s the tunes with drums here that I take to best, and also where I see Eric exploring his fine voice to its very best. “High to Low,” is one of these, a later tune on Of All These Things, and probably the best in my view. We get the full expansive sound of very emotional vocals from Anders and simple production with that solid drum beat.

“Look Into The Sun,” another song with a snappy snare beat, features a muted electric guitar, a welcome change to the sounds we have heard so far. Again Anders gets to stretch out his voice as he damn well should. It is one of the more valuable assets his duo has in their arsenal.

“Found My Way Home,” builds on a simple bass drum and roiling acoustic picking, ending the album. It’s a nice ode to the simple life and a great ender to a great collection of tunes.

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Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz: Of All These Things