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Published On: Mon, Aug 27th, 2018

Diamonds and Whiskey: Dark Country Voodoo

Diamonds and Whiskey
Dark Country Voodoo
(Diamonds and Whiskey)

Country/Americana duo Diamonds and Whiskey has just released Dark Country Voodoo.

Chris McKinney’s simple bass drum beat and the high-flying violin notes of Elena Martin sail under Jenny Webb’s naughty warble on the quick starter here, “Rebel Child.” Guitarist, Vo Bury provides a flangy guitar riff and later some slide to get “Muddy Water” moving, a real neat tune you can sing along to with fully-layered production and a truly memorable chorus.

“Hooks,” sees Bury and Webb playing off one another in a torchy naughty come on, while we get a laid back western locale (and again some great atmospheric slide from Bury) on the ballad, and one of my favorites here, “25 to Life.”

“Sugar Stick,” the last tune of the eleven, is the obvious single, though most of the songs on Dark Country Voodoo are commercial country roots rock stuff (in a very good way). But the straight ahead beat and Bury’s slamming guitar rattles round Webb at her most enticing. Once again the players place Martin’s violin in just the right spot and this last tune, more than any other I feel, impresses the listener with how unique Diamonds and Whiskey are.

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Diamonds and Whiskey: Dark Country Voodoo