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Published On: Fri, Sep 21st, 2018

Tana Lea discusses Social Media, Making Adult Films and her Love of Cuddles

Fiery redhead Texas native Tana Lea is an adult star who knows her way round shooting scenes for a wide variety if producers including ArchAngel, Devil’s Film and XBLaze to name a few-as well as consistently updating her long reaching social media presence she works hard to maintain. Just releasing her very own “Kidnap Me,” and “Hire Me,” movies, and upping the ante on the vlogging she does on her Youtube channel, Tana is one busy lady.

Claiming no real interest in finding a niche, like so many adult stars do these days, Tana works more on connecting with her fans, letting them see the real her and allowing the world into her everyday life. Tana gave some of her precious time to talk to us here at THE SEX FILES.

You were one of the first adult stars to make money on Snap Chat, right?

Yes, I got a Snap Chat premium channel going and yes made money, probably back as far as 2014, before anybody really was doing that with Snapchat.

And you’re all over social media still…do you feel this is really the best way for you to build your brand? I mean, you shoot for other people, but shooting for yourself seems to really be what you do a lot of.

I just do for me, basically whatever the fuck I want, whenever. I’ve always had the upper hand and have marketed myself. This is why lots of the people want to work with me because they know I have followers, I can come in and make money, and get shit done. And be myself all the time.

Sounds then like you’d have pretty strict standards for the people you work with.

The kind of people I work with are those who are really into what they do, people who have a passion for their work, just like I do for mine.

You are from Texas but live in LA. How did you take to that difference?

I love L.A. There is always something going on. Everybody here wants to be famous, own a bar, get something going, make a bunch of money. But the flip side of that is that lots of people here are actually pretty lonely. It’s a very selfish city in some ways.

So how does a nice girl like you survive it all?

Mostly, my lifestyle here is,; I don’t leave my house. I mean I hang with a small group of people, people who treat me respectfully, but in a way I am kind of out of the flow of the city, I mean thirty in L.A. is old, ya know?! This is kind of why I connect on social media. My fans seem to want to share my life, and I like more real people following me. Like the Youtube channel is not porn, it is just what is happening in my life day to day.

And real life romances, do you have time for those?

I often think how I’d pay for a good cuddle service, somebody to come in and just hold me like that. I got dick a’plenty really, when I hang with a guy sooner or later he is slipping his hand up my shirt and I am always thinking, why does it always have to turn sexual? All I really want is a good cuddle.

You can give Tana a good cuddle by going to her various portals:


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Tana Lea discusses Social Media, Making Adult Films and her Love of Cuddles