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Published On: Thu, Nov 1st, 2018

THE SEX FILES: Get ‘It’ Reading Books

Tattoo artist Alisha Gory photographed by Christian Saint in New York

You know how fond I am of erotica in print and picture form. These days when we can all too easily roll over Clips4Sale or YouPorn to catch a snippet and get done what needs to get done, it’s nice to take some time pouring over printed images and text. Be they in magazines or books, pictures or stories, even some non fiction, there is something ‘old school’ naughty about turning pages that’s so fun. It slows down the masturbation time, for one thing, having to lift at least one of your hands to turn a page, and if you haven’t flipped through the book before taking your slower gander, with each page comes a surprise.

Let me hip you to a few new titles I came across.

First there are two from our old friends, German publisher Goliath. First up is Tattooed Beauties. Featuring the scrumptious photography of Christian Saint, in this 250-page book we get fifty of the most beautiful tattoo models—Kelly Eden, Abbey So, Annasthesia Awful,, Jennifer Lynn, Leza Lush, Linnea Thomasia, to name but a few— featuring tattoos from over 150 of the most creative tattoo artists. Such a ‘standard’ now of western culture, here one gets the voyeuristic pleasure of enjoying artistic tats on naked female flesh.

Decidedly more fetishist in nature (but just as voyeuristic) Goliath also just published Super Nylon Parade. Here we get (you guessed it) over 600 pics of comely young lasses wearing nylons of various materials, and some attached other unmentionables. The twenty-four photographers featured here include; Dave Naz, Octavio Arizala, Mikhail Paramonov, GT6 Photography, Karl-Rainer Schmidt and John Donegan. As Goliath claims, this is the ultimate super photo book for every fan of erotic women, who often have nothing else on other than their legwear. 

Both Tattooed Beauties and Super Nylon Parade are available in English, German, Français, Español, Italiano.

Now, from the illustration side of the street, big time comic producer ONI has released Drawn to Sex. Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, creators of the Oh Joy Sex Toy comics have teamed up with Limerence Press once again for a new series that is specifically geared toward approachable and fun sex education! Drawn to Sex exclusively covers sex education, making it ideal for educators, and a handy resource for anyone! The first installment of the three-book series, is Drawn to Sex: The Basics.

Here we get simply drawn but simply effective cartoons (with a floating narrator character covering the various basic acts of fun and naughtiness we all get into). Under chapters with headings like “Sex The Concept,” “Doin’ It Safely,” and “Doin It With Other People,” we learn about masturbation, STI Testing and how to approach a vulva. I like this light-hearted but very real approach to sex, and it works perfect in this 166 plus page book.

So partake as is your desire of the titles above. Slow down, enjoy, take a look, have a read, it sometimes is more fun than just tossing one out to ten seconds of a video or pouring over some dry scientific text.

SUPER NYLON PARADE can be found here:

TATTOOED BEAUTIES can be found here:

DRAWN to SEX: THE BASICS, can be found here:

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THE SEX FILES: Get ‘It’ Reading Books