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Published On: Fri, Dec 7th, 2018

Have You Been Naughty Or Nice? THE SEX FILES 2018 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Giving with the lights, cookies, the Menorah candles, gift exchanging (and returning) and celebrating the Nguzo Saba, being your faithful servant in all things naughty (and a little nice) I figured I could give forth on some adult gift ideas. So grab a spiced nog, spin your dreidel put the last touches on your tree and …below are some ideas for what to give your lover/friend/spouse or just friend-with-benefits for this 2018 holidaze season.


I have three specific new titles (well actually five, but three are from the same company) to hip you to:

First, we have the Triple-X set from our good friends, German publisher of fantastic photography hardcovers, Goliath Books. The latest books on offer here are Young Nylon Beauties, Young Lesbian Girlfriends-For Men and Young Exotic Beauties. Yes, the concept of ‘younger’ women runs across all three scrumptious hardcovers, but as always with Goliath, you are getting some stunning and quite naked images here (save for Nylon Beauties, where you get a little bit of stocking with your fun) and all books are printed in various languages.

Another ‘repeat offender’ to this column, is the wonderful Richard Pérez Seves. A fetish art historian and author, I was first introduced to Seves over his CHARLES GUYETTE: Godfather of American Fetish Art (I loved this book, see my review here) and have now learned the man has published (though American art book leaders Schiffer Publishing) another fetish art related tome. The new book Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground is a 288-page hardbound book with over 400 rare images Mr. Seves has personally collected over the past decade, alongside interviews with Stanton’s family and closest associates. We learn all we could ever hope to in this sprawling bio about what a singular artist Stanton was and how his life, times and work fits in the pantheon of other fetish making personalities like Irving Klaw, John Willie, Bettie Page, Gene Bilbrew, and Steve Ditko.

Lastly, less a book than a fold-out glossy guide, still I figured it best to mention Fetish Map London since it’s been on sale since August. If you have yet to grab yourself a copy of this guide to all things naughty in London town (and beyond), do so now. The guide spans the next year-and-a-half of events, places, and people you certainly want to get to know in your global searching for the kink, weird and wonderful.


Spin across Adam and Eve, run down to Babeland; there are plenty of places to grab an adult toy or two, online and in stores. Below are a few of the more interesting items I found just coming out that you might want to get your hands (or anything else) on to play with.

The Rabbit Company, known for its high quality, state-of-the-art vibrators, is releasing two new ‘kits’ for the holidays. First their The Rabbit Love Ring Couples Bedspreader Kit. This features a Vibrating Rabbit Love Ring (rechargeable, waterproof and with 7-functions), a Satin Tie, Velcro Bedspreader, and more and the Lay-On Rabbit Couples Playtime Set, a multi-piece couple wonderland-in-a-box that includes clitoral Lay-On Rabbit, Satin Tie, Beaded Flogger, and Sex Dice.

All available through Xgen Products.

On the online adult gaming front, has announced the debut of Chroma Deluxe: Sexy Hentai Girls. This new puzzle game is the merging of “puzzle and mind games with the best of Hentai graphics,” as the world’s largest English gaming platform dedicated to 18+ titles claims. If you are into online play, hentai images, and puzzle games, you are just going to love this new one

Lastly, Kheper Games, Inc. has announced the official launch of their new line of “squishy” adult toys at this holiday season: Dicky Squishy, Booby Squishy, and Squishy Balls. In speaking to the company’s CEO Brian Pellham, I learned that Kheper is simply following the latest trend in toys, in general, by creating a squishy line for adults. Pellham just took to a logical, albeit, naughty extreme with their new life-like feeling line. But with their famous What the F*uck? line of drinking and party games introduced over a decade ago this is a company that knows their market well.


And lastly, for those NYC-readers here, bored of looking at skaters at Rockefeller Center or want to get out of the house and away from family for a while, head on down to two of our more favorite adult spots in NYC, both Hoops Cabaret & Sports Bar, and Rick’s Cabaret NYC offer some of the best holiday-themed fun you could ever hope to partake of.

Hoops Cabaret is popular with sports fans, pro athletes, businessmen, couples, and all of December, up to and including Dec. 23rd, the club will be decked out like a winter wonderland, with dozens of Hoops Cabaret girls dressed in Christmas colors, performing on stage and right at your table for your pleasure.

The three-story Rick’s Cabaret NYC club is festively decorated, with a lit Christmas tree on the club’s second floor VIP Lounge. Again, the 100 entertainers who work this club will be wearing (but mostly removing) holiday-themed gowns and Rick’s guests can enjoy dinner and drink specials, both day and night, from December 10th through December 23rd at Rick’s Holiday parties.

Where to buy, where to go


Young Nylon Beauties:
Young Lesbian Girlfriends-For Men:

Young Exotic Beauties:

Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground:

Fetish Map London:


The Rabbit Love Ring Couples Bedspreader Kit & Lay-On Rabbit Couples Playtime Set available at Xgen Products:

Chroma Deluxe: Sexy Hentai Girls available at:

Dicky Squishy, Booby Squishy, and Squishy Balls, available through Kheper Games, here:


Rick’s Cabaret New York 50 West 33rd Street, NYC.

HOOPS Cabaret and Sports Bar 48 West 33rd Street, New York City


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Have You Been Naughty Or Nice? THE SEX FILES 2018 Holiday Gift Giving Guide