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Published On: Fri, Dec 14th, 2018

THE SEX FILES: End Of The Year News

Photo credit: Anna Rodriguez

It might be that we are coming to the end of the year, some newly evolved (or as Devo claimed, maybe we are’ de-evolving’) sensibility has gripped society or that, well, shit just happens. Either way, read on my silent majority for some interesting news that has the patina of sex in it.
ManyVids, an adult community with over 2.1 million members and 21,000,000 independent content creators, is offering current Princeton and Harvard University students a free, 3-month membership. A former camgirl turned ManyVids CEO Bella French wants the upcoming movers and shakers of the world to know censorship isn’t right and that not all porn is the same, so she is making this offer to keep college men and women well inspired.

ManyVids fights for gender equality, speaks out against violence and abuse perpetrated against porn performers and claims to be the “most inclusive online adult community where members of the LGBTQ+ community are celebrated for their unique diversity.” Current students can send an email to, with a picture of themselves holding a valid, current student ID plus proof of legal age for this offer.

Continuing in this ‘banning porn’ mode, Good old Tumblr is banning all NSFW content as of the 17th of this month. After a recent removal of the service from Apple’s iOS App Store, over a child porn incident, Tumblr seems to be finally picking up its stakes, although they were making moves in this direction since August. The exceptions to what they will allow include nude classical statues, and political protests, illustrations, and art that feature nudity. Breastfeeding and after-birth photos are still ok, as well. One can go to places like Dreamwidth, Explicitr, and Suffra for content of this nature.

Lastly, although prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, the city’s famous “Red Light District” might just be moved…if the city’s first female mayor has any say in it. In an interview with Bloomberg, Mayor Femke Halsema bemoaned how Amsterdam’s prostitutes are often besieged by drunken tourists, as the current 370 windows of 86 brothels exist right up alongside the rowdy clubs and late-night bars of the area (something that amazed me as well when I visited the city for the first time a few years ago). Halsema would like to take the brothels outside of the district, in, what she says, is “an effort to ease congestion and revive the historic central zones.” What could happen to us in the upcoming year?

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THE SEX FILES: End Of The Year News